In foam facilities of NOVA, we produce lamination foams required in automotive sector and used in the production of car seats and seat covers. In addition to these foams, which are produced with continuous cast method, we also have flex lamination foams, flame lamination foams, elastic lamination foams and nonflammable foams in our automotive industry product range.

Furniture & Mattress

With our elastic, flex, tough, ultra tough, soft, plume, hypersoft and memory foams we produce between 14 and 65 density, we are among leader suppliers of mattress and furniture sector. Thanks to the cast, cut and packaging technologies we have, we answer to customer needs in a wide spectrum. With prestigious packaging technologies, we provide serious advantages in transportation.

By combining fiber into standard fiber balls in our bulb fiber production line with the highest technology, we make sure that the volume covered by the product increases and have high strength. Thus, the bulb fiber we obtain meets us as an economic and comfortable packing material for furniture and mattress sector.

Textile & Shoe

With our wide product range, we are an important solution partner contributing clothing and shoe sector to produce economic and high quality products. From shoe to underwear, we support manufacturers with our products in each point required by the sector.

Sports Equipment

In our laboratories with high technology, thanks to our R&D studies made by experienced engineers, we produce foam products providing maximum comfort in sports equipment. Our granule foam, which is obtained by the reprocess of foam parts, has become indispensable product for the production of special equipment requiring high hardness and flexibility like wrestling mat, yoga mat.


We offer solutions for thermal/sound insulation sector with special methods used in foam manufacturing. With our wide product range we obtain with special cut in CNC units, we respond to all needs of sound and thermal insulation sector.

Industrial Foams

The foams used in filtration are another type of technical foams developed by our expert engineers in R&D laboratories. Surface polishing foams, special plaster foams, decoration purposed special cut foams, special colored foams and foams used in sensitive packaging are also within this product range.

Foams for Home Use

Foams for home usage in different colors and types with high absorbency are within our product range according to the needs of our customers. We produce kitchen, bathroom and cleaning foams in all quality and types required by our customers.

Medical Foams

Our "memory visco elastic foam" pillows between 45 – 65 density, which are produced in casts prepared specially for medical needs with injection method, contribute to the regulation of blood circulation by minimizing regional pressure. Also, our medical pillows, which are produced by cutting in CNC units with special designs according to needs of patients, respond to the needs of the sector as well.


With prestigious roll foam packaging technology, we make very long distance transportation of foams very economical by providing transport advantage up to 4 times. We may provide you transport advantage up to 3 times by making plaque foams into pressed roll packages.


Thanks to business partnerships we make with leader cutting machine manufacturers of the world and our cutting line with the latest technology, we have the ability of responding to all sectors placing foam order on us. We may conduct productions in 0.2 cm - 5 cm range in roll foam and 0.3 cm and above in plaque foam.


We have established control point in all stages of the production. We test the supplied raw material at first in our test laboratories. The production starts after that. Foams, which pass physical tests like density, elasticity, hardness, resistance, tear and deflexion, are transferred to cutting department in order to prepare in requested sizes. After cutting, technical and chemical controls are made on foams and then they are ready to be delivered.

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